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Some Essential Steps For Buying a Home That Buyers Should Follow

For the first time homebuyers, the process of home buying might appear to be quite complex. However, there are some basic steps applicable for the home buying procedure. If you follow them properly, the entire procedure would become simple for you to understand:

Some Fundamental Steps For Home Buying That The Buyers Must Follow:

  • Step 1) First of all, they should figure out their capacity to spend for buying a house. In other words, they must find out how much they can afford.
  • Step 2) At the time of purchasing a house, buyers must be conscious about their rights. There are various regulations that have been promulgated to safeguard the rights of the buyers, such as the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and the Fair Housing Act. These legislations have been passed to protect consumer rights and to prevent favoritism based on one’s complexion, race, faith or household condition.
  • Step 3) At present, a large number of people go for a mortgage loan for financing their homes. It is very much essential that you choose the most suitable loan program that would fit your necessities. All you need to do is to shop around, make comparisons and carry out negotiations at the time of seeking a mortgage loan.
  • Step 4) Choose a real estate agent to find out the home according to your requirements. The agent should have considerable expertise to understand your needs and find out the home as per those needs. While seeking a seasoned real estate agent, you should go for an agent only if he has the designation of GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute) conferred by the National Association of Realtors.
  • Step 5) Now you have to determine your offer price. By observing the comparable sales in various listing services and public records, you can get a better picture at what range the houses are selling in your area. Subsequently, you can plan your offer price suitably.
  • Step 6) Following the selection of the house that you wish to buy, you have to make a purchase bid. Just ensure that you are mindful of the eventualities to be incorporated in the bid, the earnest money you need to pay that is necessary for the inspection, as well as the terms and conditions for annulment of the purchase bid.
  • Step 7) The following step is very much crucial and it is none other than home inspection. Besides termite inspection and appraisal, you as a homebuyer must be permitted to have an expert who would walk through the house to find out any possible defects.
  • Step 8) Purchasing a home entails various entities like an escrow or settlement company that manages the overall activities between the buyer and the seller. You would have to make a decision in advance on who would pay for the fees, the seller or you.
  • Step 9) The last step is the signing of the documents. However, you must assure that you go through all the details prior to signing the documents. Analyze the settlement costs thoroughly and ask if any amount is higher than usual.

What Should You Anticipate on the Day of Closing?

On the day of closing, you are required to furnish the homeowner’s insurance receipt which would prove that premium has been paid off. Money indebted by you to the seller such as balance of down payment, prepaid taxes and money indebted to you by the seller like unpaid taxes and prepaid rent would be enumerated by the closing agent. During closing, the seller would also furnish proof of any inspection, warranties and so on.

After you have gone through every formality, you need to sign the mortgage note. The deed would be signed by the seller and the title would be transferred. Following that, you need to pay the closing costs to the agent of the lender and in exchange, he would provide you a settlement statement enumerating the items paid by you. Lastly, the mortgage & deed would be registered with the Registry of Deed and you become the owner of your dream home.

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