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Mortgage Loan: Drop Your Private Mortgage Insurance

If you had to buy private mortgage insurance (PMI) as a provision for the sanctioning of your loan, you need not bear this insurance perpetually. There are certain techniques that you can apply for dropping private mortgage insurance. Moreover, there are regulations in place to save you from paying more than necessary for this meaningless insurance. This article would provide you some necessary information regarding private mortgage insurance that you should know.

Homeowners who buy houses with a down payment of lower than 20% are necessitated to buy private mortgage insurance. This is for the purpose of giving protection to the mortgage lender from particular losses, if a foreclosure takes place. Definitely, private mortgage insurance does not do anything for the homeowners but raises their monthly mortgage payments. Luckily, the Homeowners Protection Act of 1998 safeguards the homeowners from the misuses of private mortgage insurance. Rules and regulations about termination of PMI policies have been formulated which the mortgage lenders are bound to comply with. Nevertheless, if you bear a FHA or VA mortgage, then this law is not relevant for you.

If it was necessary for you to buy private mortgage insurance later than 29th July, 1999, your PMI policy would get canceled once you accumulate 22% equity in your home. This 22% equity is on the basis of the actual assessed value of your house with the stipulation that your mortgage payments should be up to date. However, you must not wait till the time your home equity is equal to 22%. You can make an application for invalidating your policy, if you have 20% equity when your mortgage payments are up to date.

Private mortgage insurance is costly. For your own benefit, you should make your every mortgage payment promptly in order to ensure that your PMI policy is revoked soon.

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