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Ways to select a general contractor when building a home

If you’re thinking of building your own home, you have to select a proper team of professionals to complete the process. Apart from selecting the style and design of your home, another most important part of house building is to know how to select a general contractor when building a home.

Who a general contractor is

A general contractor or a GC is the head of an organization that enters into a contract with you to construct, renovate or even demolish your home. The contract made between you and the general contractor will include a budget, some general and special conditions and specifications regarding the construction and building materials.

A general contractor is in charge of supplying the building materials, labours, other engineering equipments and tools related to construction of the house and other necessary services. A GC may subcontract some parts of their work to other smaller constructing organizations or individuals, who are known as subcontractors. They may also use third party companies or recommend places like RB Auction to help find equipment for the project.

As the general contractor is the overall coordinator in your home building process, it is very important to choose the right one. So, you should know how to select a general contractor when building a home.

How to choose a general contractor

The steps to select the perfect GC to build your home are as follows:

  • Get reference: You can get references of contractors from your friends, relatives, neighbors, business colleagues, architects, lenders, suppliers, subcontractors, etc. Make sure all these people had some former satisfying building experience with the referred contractor. You should also check out with the BBB list for any complaint.
  • Check authenticity: After selecting 2 or 3 reliable contractors, you should check whether or not they are carrying a contractor’s license. They should also carry insurance like, property damage coverage, workers’ compensation and liability, injury coverage, etc. How good a contractor may be referred as, but, you should never sign a contract with anyone not having a valid license or insurance certificates.
  • Build good rapport: You should communicate with the contractors and see whether or not their approach of communication is friendly. You can ask them a few questions on their past projects, their future plans, clients and accomplishments. Once you are satisfied with the behavior and cooperation of the contractor, you can proceed further in getting an estimate of the cost and finalize your deal with him.

If you know the right ways on how to select a general contractor when building a home, you will be many steps ahead to successfully construct your home, without incurring any construction dilemma.

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