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Taking Advantage of DIY Pergola Designs

A pergola can be a beautiful and practical design to your outdoor living space. The word pergola takes it origination from Latin and means a protective eave. Originally, pergolas were used as a type of protected area for both receiving people as well as for cooking. Today, pergolas are still used in much the same way as an outdoor feature and protected area for outdoor cooking, entertaining and relaxing.

Although you could certainly exercise the option to hire a contractor to build your pergola, you will find that using a DIY pergola design is typically more economical while also allowing for more flexibility and creativity.

Selecting Pergola Designs

There are innumerable different pergola designs to choose from. In selecting a design for your pergola, be sure to take the design of your home into consideration. The final design of your pergola should ideally feel and appear like an extension of your original home. In meeting that goal, you may wish to consider using materials that compliment the construction of your home to provide a seamless look. This is a great way to not only ensure aesthetic appeal but also increase the value of your investment.

It is also a good idea to consider the design of your garden and outdoor landscaping. For instance, a large pergola could certainly increase the space of your outdoor living and entertaining area, but might appear out of place if your overall garden area is small. You should also consider the shape and lines of your landscaping as well.

Styles of Pergolas

A pergola is a great way to increase the amount of shaded area you have for relaxing and entertaining outdoors. Pergolas are typically constructed of posts utilizing a trellis that is made of cross beams. This allows for vines and other forms of vegetation to grow over the trellis over time. There are also other styles of pergolas that include a canvas roll-top cover, allowing easy viewing of the evening sky while providing shelter from high temperatures during the day. Affixed pergolas are growing increasingly popular today and can be easily employed as pathways or walkways that lead to other features in the garden. They also make for nice open-air dining areas. Yet another option is the free standing pergola. This type of pergola can be easily situated in any area of the garden you prefer and need not be connected to the home. While timber is the most popular material for pergolas, there are plenty of other options to choose from such as bricks, stone and wrought iron.

Pergola Roof Options

While many pergolas feature an open-air design, other DIY pergola designs offer the option of a roof that is more durable. Metal roofs are growing quite common. Possible options include:

  • Copper
  • Tin
  • Aluminium
  • Steel

Each of these types of metals are all used quite extensively in pergola designs. While they are more expensive than other options, such as fibreglass and plastic, they are durable and can be counted on to last for years. For more flexibility, you may wish to consider retractable canvas covers.

Given the many different options for designing your own pergola, it is easy to find a choice that will suit your needs as well as your desire for a beautiful addition to your outdoor living area.