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Home Building Glossary


A/C: It’s the short form of the air conditioner or air conditioning device or system.

A/C Condenser: The external fan of the Air Conditioning device is called A/C Condenser. It separates the heat from the Freon gas and revolves the Freon gas into a fluid and drives the fluid back to the coil in the furnace.

A/C Disconnect: A switch situated near the A/C condenser to put it on and off.

Aerator: A screw which mixes up the air and water to ensure the smooth run of the A/C.

Appraisal: Means proper evaluation of the asset or property.

Architect: Person who has done a course on Home Building and related things. Also he or she needs to have the license to work as an architect given by the state.


Ballast: It’s a transformer through which the power goes in a florescent lamp.

Barge: A horizontal positioned beam rafter which provides support to the shorter rafters.

Builder’s Warranty / Indemnity Insurance: An insurance plan necessary for the home builders which protects the homeowner from defective, faulty or incomplete work. Such as death of the home builder, in case the home builder goes missing or if he/she becomes insolvent or bankrupt.

Building Period: Means time allowed for the completion of the total construction.


Certificate of Occupancy: It’s a legal certificate given by the building surveyor or inspector after all the scrutiny and inspections has been done. It ensures that the house has been constructed properly and is ready to use.

Commencement: Means when the home builder starts working physically at the site.

Concrete: Basically a mixture of water, sand, gravel and cement used in home construction.

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