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Personal Finance Management: An Overview

Personal finance management is also known as personal financial management. If you can manage your personal finances skillfully, then only you can secure a promising future for your family. Personal finance deals with consumer credit, checking and savings accounts, stock market investments, income tax management, credit cards, insurance policies, social security benefits and retirement planning.

In the present market scenario, personal finance management is especially relevant. A number of websites are offering valuable tips and advices on personal financial management.

Personal finance management is necessary for accomplishing various objectives in life. Somebody wants to handle their funds for security, somebody wants to make a lot of money, somebody wants to stay safe and live contentedly and the others want to free themselves from their financial problems by repaying student loans and credit card debt. Areas like retirement income, higher education, estate planning and healthcare expenditures are also taken care of.

Financial planning is an essential constituent of personal finance management and it involves the following steps:


To assess one’s financial condition, income statements and balance sheets are analyzed. A personal balance sheet includes both personal assets and personal liabilities. Personal income and expenditures are listed in personal income statements.

Establishing objectives

Establishing objectives is one of the most important elements of financial planning. There can be various objectives, starting from buying a home or a car, going on a holiday tour and paying for your children’s education and they can be broadly categorized into short-term and long-term objectives. Financial planning is largely dependent on establishing goals.

Forming a plan

A financial plan can tell you in an elaborate manner how you can attain your goals. For doing it, you might have to invest in the stock market, try to raise your earnings and curb needless spending.


Without restraint and tenacity, it is not possible to implement a personal financial plan correctly. You should take help of experts like investment consultants, accountants, attorneys and financial planners.

Supervising and re-evaluation

As time goes on, the personal financial plan of an individual should be supervised for likely modifications and reevaluations.

Financial planning is a method that analyzes your present financial condition, establishes objectives for the future and makes a strategy to accomplish those objectives.

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