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According to the Bureau of Statistics, the Australian Economy isn’t affecting the growth of new businesses. In fact, according to a Recent ABS Counts of Australian Businesses from 2007 to 2011, Australia had more than 2,132,000 businesses, a number significantly higher than the 2,073,793 businesses that were listed in the last count, made in 2007. Even with the current economic conditions in Australia, the number seems to be growing and more and more people are seeing starting a business as a viable way to make money in the market today. The real question then becomes why, and how.

The Reasons Why

There are quite a few reasons why starting a business has seen such a resurgence in recent years. First of all, whenever there is an economic crisis, there are certain to be many who lose their jobs and are left with no income and nothing to do. It may be difficult to find a job in the economy and starting a business and actually having an income again can certainly be enticing to some, particular if it is something that they have always wanted to do, or if they have a specific idea for running a business. Australians who start their own business may use the savings that they have in order to launch their entrepreneurial effort and many are successful. However, the simple desire to own one’s own business is not the only reason that many people decide to start one.

Virtual Offices

One of the major players in today’s world when it comes to helping the small to medium business, or even the work at home business is the virtual office. Virtual offices like Regus and other comparable companies provide companies with tools that they need to compete in the business world. This includes a vanity business address, so that the person starting their business does not have a business card listing their home address and telephone number, as well as a number of other services.

One of the best ways that companies have to take advantage of the potential offered by virtual offices is through the use of serviced offices like the ones at Regus a company that provides virtual office space. Serviced offices are a little bit different than the conventional virtual office setup. While a virtual office may offer a receptionist that can answer the telephone based upon whatever greeting you request, receive packages and forward calls, and may offer services like vanity addresses and mobile networking, serviced offices take the set-up a little bit further. Serviced offices essentially provide a base of operations for the businesses that are signed up to use them. Companies can sign up to lease office space on just about any scale, if they need to conduct a training, hire employees or sales staff, or simply impress a client, and some of these virtual offices provide serviced offices throughout the entire country so that a company can do business even if they travel outside of the territory that they normally reside in.

Of course, the ease of the virtual office is not the only reason for growth of businesses in Australia, but it certainly may be one of the larger factors that help to motivate those that decide to start businesses. Although the economy may affect how well these businesses do and what percentage of them will still be around a year from start-up, the economy does not seem to make any sort of impact on whether or not people will be starting a business and in fact, it may even encourage many to start one.

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